Add existing wired smoke detectors to a DSC alarm system

Add existing wired smoke detectors to a DSC alarm system

We are often asked how to add existing smoke detectors to a DSC alarm system.

There are 3 options we can suggest:

  1. Install DSC wireless smoke detectors separately so they don't interfere with your current system. This has the benefit of having each detector on its each zone so you will know which one has been triggered.
  2. Consider using the wireless FireFighter - this device is mounted beside one or more of the existing smoke detectors.  It then "listens" for the alarm sound from your existing smoke detector
  3. Purchase an "interconnect relay" from the smoke detector vendor.  Eg. Kidde or First Alert of BRK.  It must be the brand of the smoke detector.  Then you'll need to find an alarm installer or electrician comfortable with this work as you are mixing high and low voltage.  You may need to get it site certified which adds to the cost.  We don't offer any support for this due to liability reasons on high voltage electrical & fire.  Aartech does sell BRK/First Alert Interconnect relays.

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