Can't Find Some Programming Options In Powermax Plus / Express / Pro / Complete

Can't Find Some Programming Options In Powermax Plus / Express / Pro / Complete

Powermax panels have two different installer codes.  There is a MASTER code and a regular INSTALLER code.  The MASTER code can access all programming features while the INSTALLER code is more restricted.  If you find you can't access some of the programming features of the panel you are using the wrong code.

A common problem we've noticed is that people occasionally manage to set both codes the same.  If this happens, only INSTALLER mode can be entered.

The solution is to log in to the INSTALLER menu using the INSTALLER code and change it to something else.  Then when you log out, you should be able to log back in as MASTER assuming you still need the code.

If you've completely lost the codes you may need to have the panel reset which may involve sending in the panel and paying a service fee to Visonic.

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