Wiring 2012JA 4 Wire Smoke Detector

Connecting 2012JA 4 Wire Smoke Detector

For liability and safety reasons we can't provide advice or direction related to your specific panel or installation, however we can provide some general guidance:

  • Power Input will connect to the power output of the panel, possibly an aux out, that can handle the current rating of the smoke detector(s) and other accessories connected
  • Check your panel documentation to confirm if you need a NO or NC connection, EOL (end of line) resistor or relay
  • The 2012's have both NO and NC so you should be able to connect to C and NO or NC as applicable
  • Normally 4 wire smoke detectors go on separate zones, one per zone.  You can add more than one on the same zone wired in parallel if you're using the NO connection
  • Interconnect is optional and available if you want to use it to get all to sound at the same time.  
  • See the installation manual for wiring diagrams and additional important information.

Above all, if in doubt please hire a pro to make sure it's done safely.. this product is designed to help protect your life & property after all.  But it can only work do so if it's wired correctly, tested regularly, and we highly recommend the alarm system is professionally monitored for fire.