Comparing the Insteon Hub to the ISY994 Automation Controller

Comparing the Insteon Hub to the ISY994 Automation Controller

The Insteon Hub is a stand alone automation controller for Insteon devices.  It plugs in to the network and a power outlet and then can be controlled locally or over the Internet by an Android or iOS device.  The Hub can be used to set up scenes or links between Insteon devices, and it can be used to schedule timed events of these scenes, with one on and/or off event per scene per day. So if you want things to go on and off more than once per day or at random schedules you create additional scenes with the same devices in them. Also you cannot have 2 scene schedules trigger at the exact same time, you must stagger them by a minute or put them in a bigger scene to turn on at the same time.


All of the Insteon Hub programming is done by an Android or IOS device or Web browser on the same network or remote Internet connection. Once the scenes are created, they are standalone without requiring the Hub to be connected. (eg if you programmed a button on a keypad to control 2 lights, that button will work with or without the Hub connected). The Hub also manages schedules without the intervention of a computer or mobile device.  It just needs to stay plugged in to manage and trigger the schedules you set up. The IOS or Android device, or computer does NOT need to be on or connected to trigger schedules.

The ISY994 offers similar functionality in that it allows remote and local control of Insteon devices  But it supports more devices compared to the Hub, particularly when it comes to third party manufacturered devcies.  It also offers much more advanced control and programming.

Some ISY994 benefits include:


  • Completely customize scene and individual switch on levels, ramp rates, even on board LED brightness levels.
  • Re-use the same scene for multiple schedules per day, with much more flexibility
  • Schedule devices as well as scenes
  • Conditional logic support, such as - 'if motion is detected, and it is after 6pm, turn on a light'.
  • Support for more Insteon devices
  • Support for Elk alarm system (free option and paid module option for advanced support)
  • IR version (eg. ISY994IR or ISY994IRPro) have a built-in infrared (IR) receiver to allow control and triggers by IR remotes, through built in codes or learning ability
  • Network module (paid) plug-in enables it to control network enabled devices like Global Cache IR or serial transmitters, AV equipment, etc
  • Weatherbug (paid) plug-in avaialble, for using weather events/conditions in programming
  • Backup and restore individual Insteon devices or entire network
  • Expansion slot for planned Zwave hardware module
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