Connect 120V Wired Smoke Detector to Security Alarm System

Connect 120V wired smoke detectors to security alarm system like DSC, Vista, Concord

We are often asked how to add 120V wired smoke detectors to a low voltage security alarm system like DSC, Vista, Concord or Elk.  First we need to point out that smoke detectors are a life safety product and so it's critical that you read and understand how the connection should work, and hire a pro if needed.  You will also need to test the after installation and regularly thereafter to ensure they are working.

There are 2 recommended options:
  1. Leave the building smoke detectors alone and instead add wired or wireless smoke detectors designed t work with your alarm system.   This offers the benefit of having each detector on its each zone so you will know which one has been triggered.  LOW VOLTAGE SMOKE DETECTORS
  2. Using a listening device like the FireFighter - this device is mounted beside one or more of the existing smoke detectors.  It then "listens" for the alarm sound from your existing smoke detector without the need for a wired connection.    CLICK FOR FIREFIGHTER


Kidde offers part number SM120X and  First Alert / BRK has their RM4 relay module.  Both companies recommend that you DO NOT use a relay to connect to a security or fire alarm system and the relay modules will NOT work during a power failure.

You are also mixing high and low voltage and this may not be approved by your insurance company.  We don't offer any support for this due to liability reasons.