Create ISY994 Admin Console Desktop Link

Create ISY994 Admin Console Desktop Link

In order to access ISY994 programming, the user needs to start the admin console which is a java application.  Recently, most browsers including Chrome and Firefox have started to block plug-ins including java so to access  your ISY you will need to download the java app from your ISY and create a link.  This is also more secure than running java within your browser.  Don't worry, it's easy.

Just enter in your browser:   your_isy_ip_address://admin.jnlp    (replace your_isy_ip_addres with the IP address of your ISY994)

This should prompt you to run or save a file.  Select save.
Save it on our windows desktop.

Then whenever you need to access your ISY you can run the app from your desktop without using your browser.


You need to know the address of your ISY for the method above.  Don't know the ISY IP address?  No problem, use this link again (you must be connected to the Internet):



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