DSC Alarm Without Telephone Connection

DSC Alarm Without Telephone Connection

If you will not be connecting your DSC alarm system to a telephone line, you need to ensure that it understands this, since by default it expects a phone condition and will give a trouble warning if the panel is not connected to a working phone line.

Enter Installer Programming
*85555  (default installer code is 5555)

You should see ENTER SECTION or the PROGRAM light will flash on an LED only keypad

[380] 1st Communicator Options

Opt 1 ON if you want the alarm to call you. 
Opt 1 OFF if no phone line or reporting required

[015] 3rd System Option Code
Opt 7 - TLM (telephone line monitoring) - Turn this option OFF if the alarm is not connected to phone line to avoid a trouble condition.

When in programming, the # key exists the section, ## exits programming
Armed Light On  - Panel waiting for 3 digit section number
Read Light On - Panel waiting for data
Ready Light Flashing - Panel waiting for HEX data

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