DSC Powerseries Residential Dial On Alarm

DSC Powerseries Residential Dial On Alarm

DSC Powerseries alarms can call out using a landline telephone connection, to an ouside telephone or cell# to alert the user of an alarm.  The indication is very basic (beeping and a siren sound) but it will indicate a situation requiring the owner's attention.

2 of these 'residential dial' telephone numbers can be programmed to be called.

Section 301 - Telephone #1
Section 302 - Telephone #2

Section 301 should start with D then your tel# exactly as you would dial it from home then end in F
Section 350 should be 06 for residential dial (if you program tel# in to both 301 and 302 you need to enter 06 twice)
Section 351 should have option 1 turned on for 1st and 2nd telephone (1st defaults to on)
Section 380 should have opt 1 enabled/on
Section 320 should have all your (active) zones set to 11 as the reporting code. They default to FF

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