Enrolling Wireless Sensors on DSC Systems Using RFK5501 Keypad

Enrolling Wireless Sensors on DSC Systems Using RFK5501 Keypad

How to enroll wireless devices into a DSC alarm system using a PK5501 or RFK5501 keypad by manually entering the device ESN.

  1. Enter [ ✱ ][8][Installer Code][804].  
  2. 01 for Zone 1 02 Zone 2 and so on
  3. Enter in 6 digit ESN number then hit # twice
  4. Enter 01 enter in all your zone definitions then # once
  5. Section 101 for zone 1 102 for zone 2 and so on and press number 8 on the keypad to enable wireless device for each zone needed
  6.  ## to exit programming

NOTE: Only one device may be enrolled in each zone. If a zone already has a device enrolled, press [*] to overwrite the zone or [#] to enter
another zone number.  Default installer code is 5555

If the ESN contains a LETTER use the following sequence to represent that letter

HEX [A] enter [*][1][*]
HEX [B] enter [*][2][*]
HEX [C] enter [*][3][*]
HEX [D] enter [*][4][*]
HEX [E] enter [*][5][*]
HEX [F] enter [*][6][*]

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