Using EVL4 with Neo and other Similar Alarm Systems

EVL4 Universal Monitoring and Control of DSC Neo and Other Security Alarm Systems

Since DSC Powerseries was discontinued and replaced by Neo alarm system panels, we have been asked if the EVL4 card is compatible for self monitoring or pro monitoring through the EyezOn or Connect2Go service and apps.  As of writing the EVL4 is not bus compatible with the Neo panel but it CAN BE USED to provide control and reporting using the EyezOn or Connect2Go portal and apps - by adding an UNO4 expansion module.  Additionally, a DUO module can be used to add cellular as well as IP monitoring and control!  

Please refer to the attached PDF file for more information and connection diagrams.

Note:  UNO4 is a 4 zone expansion module for EVL4.   Not to be confused with the new UNO full hybrid alarm system.


The UNO4 expansion module provides a wired input/output to the EVL which allows it to be connected to the alarm system's PGM and Bell / Siren output and a zone input.  This provides for two levels of functionality depending on whether the installer / user has access to the master installer code and therefor can program the alarm panel.


Without programming access, the EVL+UNO4 can connect to the bell output of the panel to monitor for voltage that indicates the siren is sounding and therefor the security system is in alarm.  It can differentiate between security alarm (steady voltage) and fire alarm (pulsed voltage).  

In this mode it cannot tell any zone status.  It will not report which zone is in alarm.  It cannot arm/disarm the panel.


With programming access, the EVL+UNO4 will still connect to the bell to know if the panel goes into alarm for burglary or fire.
However it can also be connected to PGM output(s) to determine the alarm state (eg. armed or disarmed).
It can also connect to a (spare) wired zone set as a "key switch" zone which will allow the alarm to be remotely armed and disarmed.
Of course the panel must have a free wired zone and PGM output available for this additional functionality.

Zone status will not be reported.


The above solution does NOT show/monitor the zone status.  By adding a UNO8 expansion module and wiring the zone connections in parallel to the alarm system wired zones, this solution can show zone status in the Eyezon / Connect2Go app.  Up to 3 UNO8 can be added to connect to up to 24 zones and show them in the app.  Note this does not add zone reporting to the burglary / fire alarm report but the user can see the zone status in the app.     So in this case one would install EVL4 + UNO4 + UNO8 modules.


EVL4 is by default IP only.  It's possible to add a DUO or SIDEKICK-LTE + UNO4 to achieve dual or cellular only reporting/control.

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