Eyeonet DVR and NVR Mac Software

Eyeonet DVR and NVR Mac Software

Eyeonet by Dahua DVR and NVR software, for Mac computers can be found here:

Eyeonet Mac Software

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      Eyeonet by Dahua NVR/DVR's software download links: https://www.ametagroup.com/software
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      Users have reported good success using Foscam cameras with the following Mac software: Security Spy http://www.bensoftware.com/securityspy/ EvoCam http://www.evological.com/evocam.html
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      See attached files for Foscam's VMS software for Mac.  This is the recommended way to view & manage cameras from a computer.
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      ISY994 uses a Java applet for set up and configuration, which is compatible with Macintosh computers as long as Java Runtime is installed on the Mac. First, ensure Java Runtime is installed on your Mac:    ...
    • Adding Cameras to Eyeonet NVR with POE

      Depending on the model number of the camera used, some Eyeonet cameras can be directly connected to the NVR and they will be recognized and automatically configured.  For example the Eyeonet mini dome, mini bullet and mini IR eyeball style domes.   ...