How to factory reset the Hubitat-C7 Z-wave hub

How to factory reset the Hubitat-C7 Z-wave hub

Be aware that factory/full resetting will do the following: 

"Zigbee and Z-Wave radios will be reset.

All files on the hub will be deleted and if a restore from backup is attempted, Zigbee and Z-Wave devices will not work anymore without reset and re-pair.

Cloud connection will no longer work without registering again. After the reset, your hub will shutdown."

Firstly we want to confirm our unit's IP address, this can be found on the Hubitat portal which will show all hubs on you local network.

Next we will want to go directly to the devices IP user interface by inputting the following into your address bar:
http://[YOUR HUBS IP]:8081/?fullui

Once you've loaded the webpage you can find the "Full Reset (flushes radio settings)" option near the bottom.
It will ask for your device's MAC address which can be found on the bottom of the Hubitat's housing.
After successfully entering your MAC address it will ask for one final piece of verification before allowing the full reset.
Once completed the unit will power down and show a red light through the LED.

Congratulations on resetting your Hubitat-C7 hub!

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