How To Upgrade Hikvision Firmware

How to Upgrade Hikvision Firmware

Firmware releases may contain new features as well as security patches to fix vulnerabilities discovered over time.  It's important to keep your security cameras and NVRs up to date with current firmware to enjoy new features and keep your devices as secure as possible.

The attached document provides guidance on how to upgrade Hikvision firmware.

This does NOT apply to OEM Hikvision, white box or knock off Hikvision products.

We DO NOT provide support for firmware updates.  This process should be performed by someone familiar with the technology and process or a professional installer familiar with Hikvision products should be hired to perform the work.

Note:  Updating firmware incorrectly on ANY electronic device can "brick" devices rendering them inoperative.  The manufacturer may not cover this under warranty (this is their sole determination).  It's important to ensure that you completely understand and carefully follow the instructions when performing a firmware update.  That includes but is not limited to ensuring you are applying the correct firmware update, and ensuring that power is not lost to the product and it is not disconnected while in the process of updating.
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