Insteon Hub Upgrade Canada

Insteon Hub Upgrade Canada

Insteon released a new Insteon Hub V2 (2245-222) some time ago and has been offering an upgrade program via however they have not extended this upgrade program through any Insteon distributors in Canada so it must be purchased from the USA in $USD and there may be duties and freight involved.

For those looking for an Insteon Hub Upgrade in Canada we would humbly suggest the following kit:

It includes:

1 x 2245-222 Insteon Hub V2
2 x 2477D Wall Dimmers

With the value of the Insteon dimmers included, the Hub value could be considered under CDN$40 so this makes it a very attractive offer if the dimmers have any value.

Alternately if you are looking for a more powerful Insteon controller that offers more advanced programming, conditional logic (if/then/else) and support for a Zwave upgrade module and IP commands you could also consider the ISY994 series found here:


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