Mobeye i110 Set Up FAQ

Mobeye i110 Set Up FAQ

Mobeye all-in-one GSM alarm system
How to get started and other frequently asked questions
Although we try to be complete in the manual, it could be that your Mobeye i110 system does not react in the
way you want it to do.  Please follow the steps below to get it working.  
In case no SMS/phonecall was received
1.  Reset the system by CODE   MENU   99    OK (wait till you hear two light beeps); the code is reset to 1111.
2.  (Re)  place  batteries  and  SIM  card,  enter  the  telephone  number  at  position  ‘01’;  please  verify  if  the  SIM
cards’ PIN code is empty or 0000.
3.  Keep the back cover open  
4.  Check the working of the SIM card: Enter: 1111 menu 10 OK  
5.  Near the SIM card a small LED is visible; during setting-up the GSM connection it flashes fast (about twice
per second); once it sends an SMS it flashes slower (about once per second)  
6.  In case the entered telephone number receives an SMS with the list of settings, the SIM card is working
In case no SMS was received, please check:
a.  Did the internal LED flash as described
b.  Does the SIM card work in a normal phone; is it able to SMS/call
c.  Is the small SIM card cover closed neatly (slight push it up after closing)
d.  Are the batteries new/full
e.  Are you sure the telephone number was typed in well
In case no alarm seems to be triggered  
1.  Verify  the  working  of  the  lens  by  performing  the  sensor  test:  CODE  MENU  11  OK;  after  a  warming-up
period the lens will beep after detecting a movement (it needs a few seconds to warm-up again afterwards
it is able to beep again). Stop the function by pressing OK  OK.
2.  Set the entry indication to loud by CODE MENU 07 OK 1 OK
3.  Set the sensor sensibility to ‘high’ by CODE MENU 03 OK 1 OK
4.  Arm the system (CODE  OK)
5.  Once the exit delay has ended, wait at least another 5 seconds. Next trigger the alarm (wave, move, etc.);
after about 6 seconds the entry indication should start.

In case only ‘error beeps’ are heard
1.   Remove the batteries from the device.
2.   Click some keypad buttons, to be sure no ‘rest capacity’ is left.
3.   Replace the batteries. After a minute the Mobeye i110 is restarted, some rising beeps sound.
4.   Check whether pressing OK OK results in two disapproving beeps.
5.   Check whether pressing any key results in a short beep.
6.   Check whether pressing your code and OK works (switch on).
7.   Check whether 1111 OK works (factory code).
8.   Please mind: after pressing a wrong code three times, the unit is blocked during 10 minutes. This can be
shorted by re-doing step 1-3 (replace the batteries).
9.   In case the keys react properly, but the code is not,  please ask Mobeye to help reset your code. Please
refer to “In case the user code does not work or you forgot it”.
10. In case the code cannot be reset, please ask help at your sales point or at Mobeye.  
In case the user code does not work or you forgot it
1.   Find the serial number on the grey label on the backside of the enclosure.  
2.   Find the GSM module’s IMEI number. This can be found at the inside of the enclosure, on the white sticker
at the GSM module. The number starts with ‘35’ and consists of 15 digits.
3.   Send the serial number and the IMEI number per mail to You will receive instructions how
to reset the code back to “1111”.
In case the movement sensor causes false alarms
1.    The  PIR  sensor  (passive  infrared)  reacts  on  ‘moving  heat  sources’.  A  temperature  of  a  human  body  is
different from  its  environment,  which  is  detected  by  the  lens.  A  small  animal  like  a flee  or  bug won’t  be
noticed;  a  cat  or  dog  will  be.  Direct  sunlight  or draught  (  which  is  moving  air  of  a  different temperature)
could cause problems as well.  
2.    Check the position of the lens. Does it look at a window with direct sunlight, does it look at places where
animals could come (rats, mouses); a change in the view direction of the lens could help (dogs, rats and
mouses usually do not climb, cats could jump).  
3.    Check the room; are you sure there no draught? A mailbox or fireplace could be sources of moving air as
well. Do not place the system close to a porthole. A change of position of the Mobeye alarm could help;
please place it some meters from the source, with the lens in another direction.
4.    Check the reliability of the lens, by putting the alarm in  its box or in a cupboard, being sure no sunlight,
draught or heat sources could influence the system. Keep it in armed status for some time. If no false alarm
occurs,  please  check  the  environment  which  needs  to  be  secured  o  draught,  small  animals  or  direct
In case the above instruction do not help to make the system work like you expected, please ask your sales
point or send an e-mail to including the results of the steps as described above.

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