Programming Powermax Express for Self Monitored Internet Access

Programming Powermax Express for Self Monitored Internet Access

If you wish to monitor and access the Powermax Express remotely over the Internet, and you are NOT set up with a monitoring company you will need some additional programming steps.

Enter Installer programming using the INSTALLER CODE
Navigate the menu to DEFINE COMM
Under CS reporting, look for 1ST REPORT and change to BROADBAND, PRESS OK twice
Then look for IP Receiver and change to, PRESS OK
Exit programming menu. 

Give it a few minutes. Make sure you don't have a firewall blocking port 80 or 443 and that port 443 is forwarded to your internal IP address of the Powerlink module.  If you aren't sure about port forwarding you may wish to have someone come in to set it up for you, or you can visit for additional information.  They sell a tool for automatically setting it up or if you look carefully at the site they offer guidance for a wide range of router models for manual configuration.  Or you can contact your router manufacturer's support.

Once this is set up,  you should have access to your panel from
Please don't forget to change the default Admin user password before putting it live on the web.

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