Quick Guide For Programming DSC Powerseries Alarms

Quick Guide For Programming DSC Powerseries Alarms

Quick Guide To Programming DSC Powerseries Alarm Panels

The following guide outlines the basic programming required when installing a DSC Powerseries Alarm System.
This is a very short version designed to get most alarms up and running quickly.  For more detailed programming and advanced options, please refer to the Powerseries installation guide and reference guide.

Before programming, make a list of the zone numbers and type of zones in your system.

To modify/program the alarm panel you must first enter Installer Programming from a keypad:

Enter Installer Programming
*85555  (default installer code is 5555)

You should see ENTER SECTION or the PROGRAM light will flash on an LED only keypad

When in programming, the # key exists the section, ## exits programming
Armed Light On  - Panel waiting for 3 digit section number
Read Light On - Panel waiting for data
Ready Light Flashing - Panel waiting for HEX data

ZONE SET-UP (required on all installations)

[001] Zone definitions (zone 1-16)
[002] Zone definitions (zone 17-32)
[003] Zone definitions (zone 33-48)
[004] Zone definitions (zone 49-64)
(Only section [001] is necessary unless you have more than 16 zones)

Enter the section # eg 001 then you must enter 16 - 2 digit codes to program each of the 16 zones in the section.
Any unused zones will be 00

Most Common Zone Types
00 - Not used
01 - Delay 1 (Entry/Exit Doors)
03 - Instant (Other Doors/Windows)
05 - Interior (motion detectors)
07 - Delay Fire (Smoke Detector) (delay allows time to cancel nuisance false alarms)
11 - 24 hour burglary (ALWAYS will trigger an alarm)

[006] Installer Code (allows you to enter a new installer code - don't forget it!) (default 5555)
[007] Master Code (allows you to enter a new master user code. Master users can assign new users)

[013] First System Option Code
    Option 1 ON - Normally Closed loops - This option allows you to wire zones without using EOL resistors

[301] Telephone Number (the tel# the system will call during an alarm)
    Must start with D and unused digits at end will have F
    To have the system call you or a neighbor/friend/spouse during an alarm, enter the telephone number here.
    Must have area code (and 1 in front if long distance) just like dialing from your home

[301] Account Number
   This is the account number your monitoring station provides
   If you are self monitoring just enter anything like 1111

[320] Zone 1-16 Reporting Codes
[321] Zone 17-32 Reporting Codes
[320] Zone 33-48 Reporting Codes
   In the case of self monitoring, anything can go here but you must have something entered for each zone or it won't dial out on an alarm

[350] Communicator Format
09 - Private Line - this will let the alarm call a cell/home/office# and beep the number
        of times matching the zone which triggered the alarm
[380] 1st Communicator Options
Opt 1 ON if you want the alarm to call you. 
Opt 1 OFF if no phone line or reporting required

[015] 3rd System Option Code
Opt 7 - TLM (telephone line monitoring) - Turn this option OFF if the alarm is not connected to phone line to avoid a trouble condition.

When you're done, press ## to exit programming mode.

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