Troubleshooting Zwave Lock Installation

Troubleshooting Zwave Lock Installation

Zwave locks are one of the most finicky Zwave devices to enroll in to an automation system because they use Zwave security transmission and initially create a large amount of 'data' back and forth while the lock is being enrolled.  Here are some troubleshooting tips to follow to help ensure a successful enrollment:


a) factory reset the lock before trying to enroll it
b) be sure to have the lock within 1-2 feet of the zwave controller or hub
c) ensure the zwave card inside the lock is firmly seated.
d) after enrolling, wait 5 minutes before trying to control or update the lock as it may be working in the background to finish the process
e) If it will not enroll (include), try to exclude it first and then try again to re-include it.  Some hubs will automatically try this but most will not so you must find the manual 'uninclude' or 'exclude' option even though you have never enrolled the lock.  We don't know why but this is needed quite often
f) If some functions work and others don't and you've waited 5 minutes, try to exclude it, re-include it, waiting 5 minutes for each
g) Most locks need to be 'handed' to tell the lock if your door is left or right closing.  Make sure you follow this step from the manual or it either won't work or you'll hear bad noises from the lock as it tries to go the wrong way.
h) Call the manufacturer (Kwikset, Weiser, Yale) for tech support as any defects MUST be diagnosed by them first prior to us taking any action. This rule is in place from the vendor (not Aartech) because 95% of problems are installation errors and can be corrected by the manufacturer support without requiring any return.


If you still can't get it working and have contact the manufacturer, and they have deemed it to be defective, please open a support ticket with us and include the return authorization or case number from the vendor and we will work with you to remedy the problem!


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