Uniview accessory guide

Uniview accessory guide

This link should take you to the latest accessory guide.  2022.

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    • EZCloud Service agreement

      Please see the attached file for a copy of the Uniview EZ Cloud Service agreement.  2022-08-04
    • Uniview Mount Guide for IPC3614 IPC3615 IPC3618

      Uniview has changed the bolt pattern/size of the IPC361x cameras 3 times which has caused a problem for clients needing to match wall mounts and junction boxes.  All new shipments should work with the current UNV Accessory Guide.   Please also refer ...
    • Uniview UNV Control4 Integration Driver

      There is a Control4 driver for Uniview / UNV cameras and NVRs available from this developer: https://chowmain.software/drivers/control4-uniview It allows integration with cameras on the network (probably best) or with cameras connected to the NVR.
    • Uniview Waterproof RJ45 Boot and Installation Instructions for Outdoor Exposed Installations

      Uniview outdoor rated IP cameras come with a waterproof "boot" in the box. If the cable connection is exposed rather than enclosed in a sealed junction box or in the wall, this boot must be installed correctly to ensure water cannot infiltrate the ...
    • Connect Foscam VD1 via ONVIF to Uniview (or other) NVR

      The Foscam VD1 video doorbell works with its own P2P cloud app, and it can also work as an ONVIF camera with many/most NVR systems that support ONVIF.  In order to connect it to an NVR we recommend you give it a static DHCP reservation in your router ...