UNO Hybrid Alarm FAQ

UNO Hybrid Alarm FAQ

UNO Hybrid Alarm FAQ from our recent UNO launch webinar

Q: Can we expect the UNO panel to be seen exactly as if it was an Envisalink 4, so that HomeAutomation integrators can use the same drivers in their Home Automation platforms?
A: UNO shares the same API as EVL boards so it should function similarly.  We recommend testing of course.  API information can be found here:

Q: Do dealers need to sign an additional agreement if we already sell EVL4s?
A: Existing Connect2Go dealers do not need to sign a new agreement.  An cellular agreement will be required if cellular is added. 

Q: Is the cloud-based UI the only way to program the UNO?
A: Yes

Q: Does UNO support all the PowerSeries wireless at 433MHz?
A:  Generally speaking yes, UNO can support all standard 433 MHZ DSC sensors when used with an RFK keypad or RF5108 / RF5132 / TR5164 receiver.

Q:  Is there any type of DLS5 possibility
A:  No, Uno is programmed using the Connect2Go dealer portal.  This allows it to be always and instantly updated with new features without downloading or updating software.

Q: Can you multiple 433 radios for larger buildings?
A: No but DSC 433MHZ repeaters are available.  For UNO 433 wireless there are no repeaters.  

Q: Will the Uno work with a PowerSeries Pro touch pad (HS2TCHPRO)?
A:  No UNO works with most original powerseries keypads.  It does not support Neo/DSC Pro keypads

Q: Who do we pay for LTE?  Prices in Canadian?
A:  LTE service subscription is provided by and paid to Connect2Go, in $CDN funds

Q: Do you sell keypads for this system 
A:  UNO was designed to be used with an app and it can support original DSC Powerseries keypads.  Honeywell Keypad support is planned as is a WiFi UNO touchscreen at some point.

Q: For the Interenet connection, will we have a wifi connection?
A:  No WiFi connection is planned.  UNO and EVL have an Ethernet port and a wired connection is recommended where possible.  Otherwise there are many WiFi to Ethernet adapters, Ethernet over Coax and Ethernet over Powerline solutions available if UNO cannot be connected directly via Ethernet.

Q: Your wireless smokes - if one sounds , do they all sound ?  Unfortunately. If they don’t all sound then that will not meet new building code.
A:  This is being verified as is cUL certification for smokes.  In most new installations 120V smoke/carbon detectors are required, in some cases with strobes.  Low voltage smokes are typically added in addition to the building smokes.

Q: Can we connect existing M2M or BAT-Connect radio?
A:  This is being tested.  The intent is to use the Connect2Go Ethernet / Cellular connectivity and app.

Q: Can you send me link to programming document?
A:  The programming document is available when logged in to the Connect2Go Dealer Portal.

Q: What about compatibility with dsc’s supervised power supply ?
A: No

Q: So the UNO8 can be used on an existing DSC Panel as a replacement?
A:  No UNO8 expansion modules work only with the UNO Hybrid Alarm Panel.  But you could replace the DSC alarm system board with an UNO and then use both UNO8 and (most popular) DSC expanders.

Q: Compatibility with DSC 4 button keyfob compatibility ?
A:  Yes, but in testing

Q: Is the solo siren wireless ?
A: Yes

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