What Does The Yellow Trouble Light On My DSC Keypad Mean and How Can I Stop The Beeping?

What Does The Yellow Trouble Light On My DSC Keypad Mean and How Can I Stop The Beeping?

What Does The Yellow Trouble Light On My DSC Keypad Mean?

The yellow trouble light indicates a system problem of some sort.  To find out the cause of the trouble light, press *2 on your keypad.  On a LCD keypad:

  • 1 is a system problem, press 1 again for more detail. At this point, 1 means low battery, check/replace it.  2 relates to your siren (did you connect it yet?)
  • 2 means AC trouble (power failure or transformer is dead)
  • 3 is a telephone line problem (is the phone line connected yet?  If not check the phone connection)
  • 4 means failure to communicate.. could be a phone line issue or the system could not connect to a monitoring station or self dial attempt failed
  • 5 or 6 means there is an issue with a zone or sensor or related wiring
  • 7 means a wireless devcie has a low battery
  • 8 means Loss of time or Date. You need to re-program the date in to the system


How can I silence the trouble beep on the keypad?

Press the '#' key to silence the beeping, however you will need to fix the problem before the light will go out.

You can also press '9' after '*2' to acknowledge and cancel the trouble condition but you still must fix the problem.

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