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            Adding Cameras to Eyeonet NVR with POE

            Depending on the model number of the camera used, some Eyeonet cameras can be directly connected to the NVR and they will be recognized and automatically configured.  For example the Eyeonet mini dome, mini bullet and mini IR eyeball style domes.


            Others will require some manual configuration as follows:

            • one camera at a time, plug the camera in to your network, you will need access to this network with a windows computer or laptop. Your network must provide POE or you will need a 12vdc power supply
            • Use the CD that ships with the camera, to set a unique IP address for the camera
            • Also set the bit rate to 4096 or lower, as well as sub stream to VGA or lower
            • If the camera will be plugged in to the NVR directly, make sure the IP is *not* in the same subnet as the NVR, (if the camera will NOT be plugged in to the NVR directly, it should have the same IP as the camera)
            • Unplug the camera and plug it in to an available POE port on the NVR
            • Use the IP search on the NVR to find the camera
            • If the IP search does not locate the camera, use 'manual add' and then type in the camera's IP address and use 'ONVIF' as the camera type
            Updated: 14 Aug 2019 08:50 AM
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