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            Error Including or Enrolling ZWave Module or Device?

            From time to time a ZWave device may refuse to enroll in to the Zwave primary controller, alarm or automation system.  If you're seeing an error enrolling your ZWave device or it is not including properly, try to exclude it first and then try to include it again.  Many times this will resolve the issue.

            It seems counter intuitive since you have not yet included it in your network, but it's possible that the Zwave device was not left in a "clean" state when it was manufactured.  Perhaps the manufacturer pulled it from the line for testing.   Or it may have had a firmware upgrade prior to shipping and it was left in a state not ready to be included.

            Even though you have not yet included it in your network you can still try to exclude it anyway.  In fact some controllers make this part of the process automatically, but most do not so you need to do it manually first.

            Updated: 14 Aug 2019 08:43 AM
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