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            GE Simon XT Self Monitoring Set-Up

            Ensure that phone line is connected to the larger jack on back of the Simon XT
            Ensure that the phone service type is not VOIP, which may not be compatible with the Simon XT dialer
            Enter in the appropriate telephone number(s) to call including area code and 1 in front as appropriate
            Set reporting format to VOICE DIAER under reporting>report->Communication Modes>
            Ensure that the dialer delay>phone options>system programming is set to 30 seconds.

            If you have any outstanding conditions you may need to clear the status

            To clear system status, press the STATUS button, read and/or listen to the status messages, then press
            DISARM. If the trouble condition was a low system battery, perform a sensor test. The STATUS light
            should turn off if all trouble conditions have been corrected.

            Updated: 14 Aug 2019 07:10 AM
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