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            Leviton WIFI Switches and Dimmers, What if Internet Connection Goes Down


            Leviton's Decora Smart WIFI switches and dimmers use the Internet and Leviton's private cloud servers for set up and operation.  What happens if the Internet connection in the house goes down?



            • Timers will still function
            • Schedules / Timers still work as they are saved in the devices themselves
            • Without Internet the app cannot be used to configure/control devices, even if the router is still functioning as they rely on the cloud for configuration/control
            • If AC power is lost to the devices, it relies on the cloud to reset the time when power is restored. If the device doesn’t have the time, schedules won’t run. So Internet is required after a power failure to restore the on board time and therefore to have schedules work after the power failure.


            Updated: 14 Aug 2019 08:21 AM
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