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            Low hum coming from siren connected to Elk M1 OUT2


            Output 2 on the ELK-M1 System is
            a supervised output meaning there is always voltage and current present. In
            some cases this supervisor voltage and current is sufficient to energize the
            transistors within a self-contained low current siren causing a low level noise to be
            produced. I would suggest installing the 2.2K? resistor across the Output 2 “+”
            and “-“ or you may need to put two 2.2K? in parallel (1.1K?). If the noise is
            still present then I would suggest using Output 3 and creating rules to turn ON
            during an alarm. On older ELK-150RT there was a yellow wire on the circuit
            board you could use to reduce the current draw from 1.2 Amps to ~800mA but this
            feature is no longer supported.

            Updated: 14 Aug 2019 07:13 AM
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