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            Programming Aeon Labs DSA22 Zwave Fob

            Following is a step by step guide to set up the Zeon Labs DSA22 Zwave Fob as a primary controller to control a Zwave device.  Zwave can have only ONE primary controller for each network.  If there is already another Primary controller (eg. Vera, Hometroller, another Remote) then these instructions will not work, follow the user manual to set up as a secondary controller instead.

            1. Open the remote, press the 'Include' (top left) button once. The green light on the remote should start flashing.  If it doesn't start flashing,  see below.
            2. Press the 'include' button on the Zwave device you are adding.  In the case of Evolve for example, you will 'double tap' the On button.  The green light should stop flashing.
            3. Press the 'include' button again to stop including devices.
            4. Use the 'push pin' to press the 'mode' button on the back of the remote.  The green light should flash once.
            5. Press and HOLD the button on the remote, that you want to CONTROL your Zwave device.  Keey Holding. Do not release until step
            6. Press the network button on the Zwave device (For evolve, double tap ON)
            7. Set the controlled device to the level you want (on, off, dimmed)
            8. Now let go of the remote's button
            9. Press the same remote button
            10. It should now be controlling your zwave device.



            If step one doesn't result in the the green light flashing on the remote, it's possible the remote was not in SETUP mode.  In this case, use the push pin device, to press the 'MODE' button on back of the fob.  The light should flash once.  Now try Step 1 again.  If this does not work, follow the user manual to RESET the fob and start again.


            NOTE 2:

            If the Fob flashes properly during include mode, but the Zwave responder won't add - with the Fob still in SETUP mode, press the REMOVE (top right) butotn on the Fob, the RED light should start flashing.  Press the network button on the responder device (for Evolve, double tap ON).  This will remove the device.  Then try step 1 again to include the device.

            Updated: 14 Aug 2019 06:07 AM
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