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            Programming EZFLORA / Using EZFLORA with ISY99 or ISY994

            EZFLORA can be controlled by an automation controller like the ISY99 or ISY994 series. The controller would dictate schedules to turn the zones off and on, and normally no additional configuration of the EZFLORA is required.   In some unique circumstances such as when zone 8 needs to be delegated as a pump control zone, additional programming of EZFLORA is required.  In this case one can use an Insteon PLM like 2413U or 2413S and Simplehomenet's Windows configuration utility.  If the ISY99/4 is being used, it will be purchased with a 2413S so that same PLM could be 'borrowed' to program EZFLORA.  It's a serial connection so if no serial port is present on the Windows PC, a USB to Serial adapter will also be required.  Or you can purchase 2413U which is a USB PLM for the programming.

            Updated: 14 Aug 2019 07:13 AM
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