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            Setting Up Foscam Camera Remote Access On Bell 2Wire Modem

            Quick-Guide To Setting Up Foscam Cameras For Remote Access On Bell 2Wire Modem
            (Port Forwarding)

            By default, your Bell router will be located at IP address
            Open a web browser and type in and click go

            When you get to the router page, click on the SETTINGS tab then the FIREWIRE tab then the APPLICATION SUPPORT tab
            At the bottom of the page click 'ADD NEW USER-DEFINED APPLICATION'
            Then for Application profile name, enter: Foscam (leave Protocol: as TCP)
            Port will be 8090 to 8090
            Protocol timeout: will be TCP default 86400 seconds,
            Application type: PPTP

            Then click add to list.
            After configuration is done refresh the Foscam page

            Updated: 14 Aug 2019 07:07 AM
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