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            Simply Automated V-3Way Wiring and Troubleshooting

            > - Do you have proper schematics when more than one pair of switches are installed?
            > - What exactly is the wire that is white with a brown stripe supposed to be for?
            > - Is the brown wire required on both switches of a pair in each room?

            These are virtual switches. Both switches need full time power - neutral connection, typically white, hot (black wire on switch) must have power all the time and not be switched by anything else. The brown wire is the 'load' wire and is the one that 'powers' the light you are trying to control.  In the case of a virtual three way, one of the switches needs to be connected to the load/light via the brown wire. The other one would have the brown wire capped off.

            Based on that the wiring is going to be the same regardless of how many of these pairs you put on a circuit, always neutral to neutral, hot to hot, brown from one switch to the load/light you're controlling.

            If the LEDs themselves are not behaving as expected, it could be a programming/pairing issue, please contact www.simply-automated.com support.

            If the switches are reacting but the physical light you are trying to control is not working, it could be that there is a wiring problem.

            If one switch goes dead when the other goes off, that's definitely a wiring problem.

            Updated: 14 Aug 2019 07:01 AM
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