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            What Alarm Systems Can and Can Not Do With Zwave Devices

            As practically all alarm companies are supporting some sort of automation, typically Zwave devices, we are seeing some confusion about compatibility and what Zwave devices may be used.  Ultimately, Zwave is an automation protocol and not originally intended to be used for security system sensors.  So alarms such as DSC, GE, 2Gig, Elk, Honeywell and their extensions including large sellers such as Vivint can ONLY use true security sensors for intrusion or fire zones.  Typically these are from the same brand, eg. DSC makes DSC sensors.  Or 3rd party compatible sensors such as those from Resolution Products or ION may be used.  These sensors are designed as security sensors.

            When used with an alarm system, Zwave is meant to be for automation, so common devices include Zwave thermostats, locks, appliance modules and lighting controls. 

            Zwave door, window, motion, temperature sensors will NOT work with alarm systems.

            Updated: 14 Aug 2019 07:10 AM
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