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            What Automation Equipment Does My ISY994 Support?

            > I have an ISY994iZIR and I wondering if it's compatible with Skylink device Switch or other domotic devices ?

            ISY994i series supports only Insteon.
            The ISY994iZ series supports only Zigbee.
            The ISY994iZW Zwave series supports Insteon and ZWave.

            Skylink is using their own proprietary protocol which is not any of the above, so is not compatible with the ISY994 series of controllers.

            By adding the optional 'ISY PORTAL MODULE' to the ISY (this is a software add-on purchased from your administrative console), the ISY may be able to have some integration with other devices that are supported through IFTTT recipies or integration.  Plus it includes additional network device integration.

            Updated: 14 Aug 2019 07:25 AM
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